5 tips on preparing For Black Friday

Posted on 08 November 2018

Here we are...America’s biggest shopping days. Last year Black Friday alone brought in $7.9 billion in sales. Cyber monday brought in another $6.6 Billion in sales. So, how does one prepare for this massive shopping frenzy? Here are 5 tips and tricks for a smooth BFCM.

  • 1. Clearly identifying which products are on sale and which aren’t - Nothing is more confusing than walking into a store or going on a website and assuming something is on sale but sadly isn't. While Black Friday is great for driving shoppers to your store, people will be bombarded by sale signs everywhere they go. For a brick and mortar, using different hangers, hanger markers or attaching a specific hang tag can differentiate your “Black Friday Sale” products from your other regular priced items. Alternatively, it might be better to move your full priced items to the backroom until BFCM is over. For online retailers, unless you plan to have a site wide coupon code, take advantage of building collections. Creating a specific BFCM collection will help customers identify items quickly.

  • 2. Limit your sales strategies to 1 - 3 at MAX - BOGO on Shoes & Accessories, 50% discount code, Free Gift with purchase, Free Shipping, 30% off all winter wear, save a additional 10% when you do xyz etc. There are so many strategic ways to have a sale but limit your strategies to 1 - 3 at MAX. Nothing kills a sale like confusion. Not only will your employees be confused with all the different promotions but so will your customers. Choose a sales strategy and stick to it. Whether its offering BOGO or a storewide discount - keep it simple.

    3. Building Momentum - Maximize your sales by building up momentum. On the days of BFCM, customers will be bombarded all at once from hundreds of offers. Offer your customers sneak peeks everyday leading up to the sale for about a week. Get customers excited about things such as: how you’re changing the layout of your store, a sneak peek of a item that will go on sale or just any behind the scenes of how your company is gearing up for the sale of the year.

    4. Prep the Staff - Whether its seasonal temporary employees or your right hand employees make sure to prep everyone on the keys things such as: the type of sale, operations and procedures for a smooth sale and what to do in emergencies (because let's be honest, BFCM is notorious for door busting madness). However, it does not even have to be just training; prep your staff with custom T-shirts with your business logo so that customers know who are employees and who aren’t.

    5. Take a breather and enjoy some coffee - No matter how well you plan there will always be things to improve on or unfortunate things that happen. At LARA we want to help you mentally and physically prepare. What better way than some FREE Coffee?! As a token of our appreciation, please use the Starbucks gift card below to treat yo self to some coffee (and your employees too!)
    **The card is loaded with $100 and will be on a first come first serve basis. Make sure to grab your coffee before the balance runs out!

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