Copyright and Infringement

LARA Fashion takes copyright and infringement very seriously. 100% of textile/garment and screen prints sold by LARA Fashion are copyright protected as either original artwork developed by and for LARA Fashion or purchased with the legal license to redistribute from a fabric supplier who owns the copyright to the artwork. 



LARA Fashion agrees to indemnify our retailers from litigation if a copyright infringement lawsuit is served to any of our retailers using our print. LARA Fashion will indemnify as long as the retailer can produce evidence that the subject design was a product of LARA Fashion and purchased from LARA Fashion.



 LARA Fashion will pursue litigation towards any parties found to have infringed any original creative elements belonging to LARA Fashion. This includes photos and imagery, trademarked logos and or copyrighted textile/garment and screen prints. Any parties found infringing will first receive a Cease & Desist letter from our legal counsel. If the subject is not removed, LARA reserves all rights to pursue litigation. 


Working with LARA

As a vendor to LARA Fashion, any and all vendors selling their creative works to LARA Fashion will be required to provide indemnification in the case of litigation involving a vendors product(s). In addition, all vendors will be required to provide evidence of original or copyrighted artwork and license to resell.

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